A National Newsstand Publication for the Home-Built bike enthusiast.


(Formerly RIDE HARD Magazine)

    RAW BIKE Magazine is the magazine for the true blue collar motorcycle enthusiast. It caters to the guys and gals who spend countless hours building a machine with what they have and ride the wheels off of it. It’s about bikes that don’t need thousands of dollars in show chrome or $10,000 paint jobs to stand out and be bad ass.
     The newsstands are full of great magazines and are currently dominated by the bagger market. Hey, we love all things motorcycles but the blue collar home builder has been overlooked for too long.
      A strong, loyal and hardworking demographic full of American spirit, the home and small garage builder is no longer a niche – it is mainstream. There’s a certain pride the American public takes in hard work, ingenuity and resourcefulness – and it dominates almost every industry. It’s woven into the very fabric of our society.

     RAW BIKE Magazine serves everyday people. The same people that carry this country on their backs, salute the flag and get their hands dirty. Why not give the working class bike builder a place in the national spotlight? That is exactly what RAW BIKE is here to do…